review rating 5  I slipped and fell backwards, holding a bunch of things that pulled me back as I tried to catch myself, just over a year ago. I was in physical therapy for almost a year. (On and off with complications.) I was doing well with something then would hit a plateau or have complications with PT. I had really screwed up my neck and back, and I couldn’t lift my arm past my shoulder without wincing in pain, my fingers tingling, and it feeling stuck at a certain point. I was also sleeping with an airplane pillow every night since the fall. I started going to Dr. Joe nearly 3 months ago. Within a week I was sleeping normal without the airplane pillow, within 3 weeks the constant pain I had been in for months was no longer there, slowly, I’ve been able to pick up my niece without the shoulder pain lasting for days after, and I’ve been able to increase the height that I can lift my arm without wincing in pain and the tingling has strongly decreased in my fingers. I go weekly to keep up this progress. I was sick and missed about 2.5 weeks and usually when I’d miss PT after a couple of days, for whatever reason that might’ve been, the pain would return to a constant throbbing ache and I’d be sitting with a heating pad for hours. It took about a week and a few days before I even felt sore after missing. That was conformation that seeing Dr. Joe was the right move for, not only my own health as an athletic person, but in my overall health in general at 28! I’ve seen other chiropractors in the past and none have helped me as much as Dr. Joe!

    thumb Daniels V

    review rating 5  I’ve been seeing Dr. Emily weekly and its become a great addition to my routine and self care! Especially since I lift 4-5 days a week it’s help me feel great when I’m in the gym. I can perform my best in the gym when I get an adjustment. Definitely recommended to multiple friends and family !

    thumb Ale gamez

    review rating 5  I made an appointment to see Joe Shusteric during my first pregnancy. I suffered everyday from sciatica in my lower back and down my legs. That first appointment Joe adjusted me and my sciatica went away. Yes, you heard right!! Disappeared! Like magic!
    My husband, 11 mo daughter & dog all get adjusted by Joe! I will not waste my time going anywhere else! He is a magician! Thank you Joe!

    thumb Samantha Shu

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